Music Concert



Fountainview Academy
Orchestra & Singers

Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers is a high school music group with a passion for sharing the love of Jesus through song! Together, they have performed across Canada, the United States, Europe, and around the world. They have also had the opportunity to record and film multiple CDs and DVDs, which have been shared and enjoyed worldwide via satellite and YouTube.

The Spangler and Graca Families

Our group lives in the beautiful Robson Valley, and we are members of the McBride SDA Church. We love playing acoustic, folk-style music together. Our hope is that through the messages of the songs, people will be drawn closer to God and see a clearer picture of His love for us.


We have always loved to sing and play instruments with our family. Arranging music is one of our favourite ways to spend time together. We have been blessed to be able to perform in various settings across the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, including camp meetings, community events, nursing homes, churches, virtual events, and Spanish songs in Mexico! Sharing our Heavenly Father’s love through music brings us so much joy.

The Nicolenco Family

The Nicolenco siblings love to make and share music together. They love being homeschooled, which allows them to focus on their passion for music, and they attend Church in the Valley. In the community, they are actively involved with their youth orchestra and can often be found putting on a family concert or exploring nature. They are excited to share an evening of worship through music with unique arrangements of well-known hymns as well as other musical selections from the heart.

Kendol Bacchus

Kendol was born on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  He has accompanied and led many choirs and music groups. He has traveled extensively, both creating and performing music in the USA, Australia, Asia, and the UK.  He also offers music seminars and workshops in our churches and schools.  He has recorded 6 CD’s, available on his website, “”.  His passion is to inspire worship and spirituality through music.  He seeks always to make God his primary audience.

The Lumbangaols

We are three siblings who grew up in Ontario and love to sing gospel music together. We like to harmonize and arrange our music, making it interesting but memorable for whomever we share it with. We hope you enjoy what we will be sharing with you!

Membo Siago

Membo Siago is a member of the Church in the Valley; he is currently a part of the worship team. His family enjoys visiting churches around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, being the music for the Sabbath Service or part of a Concert. His ministry is to spread God’s Love and create meaningful connections through music. Come and let’s all praise the Lord and Celebrate God’s Love.