Mrs. DeeAnna Dennis

Brad and DeeAnna Dennis have three children, Sarita, Isla, and Cedar, with whom they love homeschooling, adventuring, and ministering as a family. They’ve designed and facilitated Thrive Family Life Seminars to nurture healthy, Christ-like family living across BC. They serve part-time in the Bella Coola Valley, pastoring their local church community. By profession, they both have Masters degrees in Social Work and over twenty years of professional experience in mental health and community wellness program development with children, youth, and families. They are currently serving as independent wellness consultants with aboriginal governments, organizations, and communities. Their daughter, Isla, will serve as craft coordinator this year. She is enthusiastic about her faith in Jesus and His soon return. She is stepping out to “do hard things” with her teen years in ways she feels called by God to serve, share, and increase her God-given talents for building His kingdom!

Theme: God’s Super Body

This year’s theme is our amazing bodies, in which God wants to dwell and through which He wants to share His love for His world. Through understanding more about the holistic health of our bodies, we will also learn how the interconnected body of Christ is intended to cooperatively serve His world in harmony. The program will include action praise songs, drama presentations, station rotations for crafts, story time, and outdoor activities! Our hope is that God’s Spirit will lead your children to understand His beautiful plan for our bodies and our church to serve as His sanctuary.